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 Stat Rules

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PostSubject: Stat Rules   Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:52 pm

Stat Rules

Stats will define where your character stands in level of ability. These will make it easier for users to display more realistic outputs of ability, and it prevents them from doing absurd things such as freshly made characters blowing up entire solar systems with a single punch. There will be different stat categories, each with their own descriptions. These will consist of: Strength, Speed, Perception, Ki, and Endurance.


Strength determines your character's physical strength output. how much force they can deliver with blows, how much weight they can lift, so on and so forth. This will effect character's when displaying their physical prowess in threads and fights, and prevents anyone from godmodding or making themselves capable of achieving feats that are more than what they should be capable of.


The first level of strength that can be achieved. This is peak physical condition for a mere earthling. Nothing outside of the realms of the absolute limit of human capability can be achieved at this level. basic things can be achieved. You can lift and carry up to 1000 pounds. Basic structures such as wooden logs and large stones can be broken through. You shine in comparison to the average person, but anything above this level outclass you in strength.


This is just on the level of what is considered to be superhuman. You can now lift up to 2 tons. You are strong enough to break through and even entirely destroy metals as strong as steel. You can achieve feats such as lifting up cars. You are no longer something that even the strongest of the average person can handle, but you are nowhere near your full potential.


At this point, you are nearing a formidable level of strength. You can lift up two 4 tons or 8000 pounds. You can break through metals as strong as titanium, and you can destroy entire homes and low level structure buildings at this level. This is the last tier of strength before you begin to transcend into a new slew of physical capabilities.


This level is breaking through to the strength that is consistent with the majority of the universe's population of fighters. You can now lift and carry up to 6 tons or 12k pounds. Basic buildings and medium level structures can easily be toppled over. you can lift up giant vehicles such as trucks and eighteen wheelers.


 At this level, you can lift up to eight tons or 16k pounds. With your strength, you can destroy buildings as large and as durable as skyscrapers, And you can do more than enough damage to any and all earthly minerals and materials. At this level, you are capable of using a basic version of kiai, that allows you to send your opponents and targets with a knockback of up to five meters.


This level can lift up to ten tons or 20k pounds. You not only can obliterate the all of earthly materials and structures, but the impact of your strikes can do damage themselves. your blows now create craters within the area of impact, about 5x5 in width and length. You are now a force to be reckoned with. Your blows are strong enough to remove entire limbs from bodies in a single blow, but only to those who have level of endurance that is lower than that of your strength stat.


This level allows you to lift up to twelve tons or 24k pounds. Now, you are strong enough to destroy the structures upon other planets that are made of more foreign materials that are stronger than those on earth. The craters that can be created are now of a greater length and width, now 10x10 in length and width. your kiai range has increased, allowing you to send your opponents and targets up to 10 meters away. Your blows are strong enough to remove entire sections of targets. Whether it be a human or humanoid, or a larger creature such as a great ape. your blows can do serious damage to those who have a weaker endurance stat.


You can now lift up to fourteen tons or 28k pounds. Now, the only structures and materials that are too durable to be affected by your strength are those that are utilized by the gods and the most advanced alien civilizations. The craters created from the force of impact of your blows have increased in range now 15x15 in length and width. Your blows are strong enough to remove entire sections of the body. Only those who have an endurance lower than your strength stat may be affected by this.


You can now lift sixteen tons or 32k pounds. You are nearing the very peak of the output of strength that regular life forms can achieve. Now, your strength is great enough to allow you to destroy any and all materials besides those of the gods and kais. Your impact now causes craters 20x20 in length and width to form, and your kiai radius as increased to 15. Your strength allows you to create shock waves within the air itself from the impact of your collisions.


This is the peak of natural growth in strength. You can lift and carry up to eighteen tons or 36k pounds. Your impact causes craters 25x25 in length and width to appear. Your strength allows you to plow through even the largest natural structures, and the damage you do is more than noticeable. You can crush targets or opponents entirely with your blows, and anyone with a lower endurance than your strength stat is in danger when encountering you.
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Stat Rules
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